A Clockwork Orange Game

The choices that our group took were already predesignated for us, only leaving two sometimes three to choose from which limited our decisions. True, we would’ve choose not to play the game but we felt obligated to play or we wouldn’t have known what else would’ve happened. We didn’t question the negative choices because at the time we were more interested what the outcomes would’ve happened. But now looking back on it, we felt it was inevitable that something bad was going to happen anyway and knowing the book from previous knowledge, we felt that playing the character influenced ourselves since we took on an Alex personality type and thought what we he would’ve done. Later on in the game we did try to see if there was a good choice our Alex character could have chosen but we realized in the end that the best choice would’ve been if we didn’t play at all, and therefore left us feeling tricked and deceived despite the warning put in before the game even started.



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